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Feng Shui Appointments

Feng Shui appointments take a deep dive into work and home environments to bring light and clarity to what is happening in the client's life. Furniture and art placement, organization, and removal of clutter in addition to elements, colors, and structural awareness all play a part in the consultation.

Available in the Las Vegas and Henderson area on-site or via Skype or Facetime out -of- state. 

Home Consultations

Up to 1.5 hours on site
Includes email follow up

Office Consultations

Up to 1.5 hours
Includes email follow up

Corporate Consultations

Since each company is unique, this service is based upon request. 

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Bring Your Vision Board to Life

Overwhelmed with where to start? This 25-page workbook was designed to jumpstart your home and vision plan for 2024. This interactive packet explains the 4 major areas of the home including the Relationship, Financial, Helpful People, and Knowledge corners. As I bonus, I also throw in information about the front door. Each corner is outlined with preferable colors, and artwork to showcase or remove, in addition to a choice of mantras to strengthen each area.


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Meet: Kate Swick

Kate Swick is The (second- generation) Feng Shui Lady.  In 2017, Mary Swick, The Feng Shui Lady, passed her practice down to her daughter to continue her legacy of changing people's lives with the principles of Feng Shui. 

Kate uses her expertise in  Feng Shui to provide insightful and powerful consultations. She is professional and provides guidance in a comfortable atmosphere. In addition to her home consults, Kate has had the honor of partnering with some of Las Vegas' most notable hotels such as The Cosmopolitan, The Palms, The Wynn, and San Manuel.  She can also be found in several magazines, such as The Vegas Voice and Live Love Spa giving us insight on Feng Shui and upcoming astrology predictions.

Kate Swick

Feng Shui Consultant

'Change Your Home, Change Your Life' 

Mom & Me Astrology Podcast

Kate Swick & Mary Swick

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